Stone-Goff Portfolio Company, Anne Lewis Strategies, Recognized with Multiple Awards for Creative and Strategic Work

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Washington, D.C. – May 26, 2021

Stone-Goff portfolio company, Anne Lewis Strategies, has been named the winner of several prestigious awards for its creative and strategic work – cementing the agency's status as a leading organization for causes looking for digital strategies that improve the lives of people throughout the world.

Awards received by the company include three Reed Awards and one Pollie Award:

  • The Reed Award for Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for US House Campaign (Democratic), with Rep. Val Demings' "115 years of Black history"
  • The Reed Award for Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for US Senate Campaign (Democratic), with Sen. Raphael Warnock's "God bless you, Mom"
  • The Reed Award for Best Email Subject Line, with Sen. Raphael Warnock's "Puppies"
  • And, finally, the Pollie Award for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising, which went to AdvantageAI, a product of Anne Lewis Strategies. AdvantageAI is a first-of-its-kind digital data co-op using cutting-edge analytics to help campaigns and causes find new donors to support their missions.

"It's an honor to be recognized by the Reed and Pollie Awards for the transformative work we've done for our clients this past campaign cycle," said Anne Lewis, CEO of Anne Lewis Strategies. "We're especially grateful to have won awards for our creative across House and Senate races, sweeping those categories for Democrats in the Reed Awards; and more broadly, we're thrilled to have been able to perform at a high level for all of our incredible clients during the critical 2020 electoral and fundraising seasons."

Both the Reed Awards and the Pollie Awards honor excellence in political communications. Awards are voted on by practitioners, signaling work that is not simply creative, but genuine, authentic, and motivating, too.

Anne Lewis Strategies' data science and analytics work received recognition from the Pollie Awards in their Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising category. AdvantageAI, a digital data co-op built on terabytes of data and tens of millions of email addresses, allows for high-quality list growth at scale – delivering not just strong open and engagement rates, but fast and dependable payback on organizations' investments. By combining the efficiency and predictability of fixed-cost acquisition with the kind of sophisticated predictive modeling that makes social media platforms like Facebook so powerful, AdvantageAI has already helped its partners raise millions of dollars.

These awards distinguish Anne Lewis Strategies as not just as a provider of best-in-the-business creativity, but as true innovators," said Sarah Newhall, chief strategy officer. "These co-ops have been popularized in the direct mail world, but we saw the opportunity to really support mission-driven organizations by bringing it online."

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