Investment Criteria

Stone-Goff Partners seeks to invest in companies that have established successful business models. In particular, we look for companies that exhibit the following characteristics

  • Stone-Goff invests in technology driven service businesses – service businesses that are enhanced by technology

  • Companies that have generated between $3 million and $12 million of historical EBITDA

  • Companies that operate in Business Services, Consulting Services, Marketing Services, IT Services, Outsourcing Services, Consumer Services, and Human Capital & Training verticals

  • Companies domiciled anywhere in the US

Deal Structures

  • Partnering with founder owner / operators

  • Corporate Carve-outs

Characteristics We Like

  • Proven, stable profitability takes precedence over historical growth

  • Management teams with deep domain expertise

  • Strong market positions evidenced by leading gross margins and EBITDA margins

  • Typically we are the first institutional capital invested in the company

What we avoid in our investments:

  • We do not invest in early-stage companies

  • Customer concentration

  • Unproven profitability